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Whether you're a newcomer and or a seasoned veteran, if you are wondering what to look for or even how you would go about buying the antique you're after, we're here to help.

“antiques have already proved their quality in standing the tests of time”

Edward Chetwynd

Why buy an antique?

Antiques have much to commend them to the discerning buyer and offer unrivalled value for money. Not only are they often less expensive than many modern equivalents, but frequently they represent sound investments whereas items of recent manufacture will tend to depreciate substantially the moment they leave the shop.

Craftsmen-made, antiques have already proved their quality in standing the tests of time and with moderate care promise years of future service. Buying a previously owned item is kinder to the environment, recycling the past for present-day use and enjoyment, and it is possible to obtain in an antique a degree of exclusivity that is rarely to be found on the high street.

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Do you offer a search service?

We understand that you may be looking for something specific, and that we may not have such an item in stock when you first browse our web-site or showroom. If you are looking to replace or compliment a cherished possession, searching for a special gift, or shopping with precise requirements in mind in respect of size, type, period, or style, please call us to discuss and we will work with you and do our best to find the object of your desire.

We aim to cater for a range of budgets and because we keep our overheads to a minimum we can offer a competitive service without compromising on quality or itegrity.

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Can I buy online?

Character comes with age and an antique's history is written upon its surface; two tables crafted in the same workshop at the same time can, two centuries later, be worlds apart. The photographs in our antiques catalogue can show you much of what you need to know, however each piece is unique and we encourage a viewing to fully appreciate its individual charm.

Wherever practically possible we are happy to deliver items free of charge. For long distances we can arrange delivery at cost, either using our own fully-insured vehicle or via an accredited third party. As part of this service we can usually assist in carrying items to their preferred resting place within the home.

Please do not hesitate to telephone or e-mail if you require further images to be sent to you directly, or if we can provide additional information to assist in the decision-making process. You are welcome to visit us by appointment, and can be assured that our family orientated and friendly approach will never put you under pressure to make a purchase.

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